Giant Lizards: The Definitive Guide to the Natural History, Care, and Breeding of Monitors, Iguanas and Other Large Lizards


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This is the second edition of THE book about giant lizards by a leading authority on the subject. Highlighted by breeding accounts by some of the most successful breeders in the world.

Originally published in1992, Giant Lizards is a bestselling reference held in high regard within every level of the herp profession and hobby for its authoritative and thorough coverage of lizard biology.

 Now in a completely revised and expanded volume, Giant Lizards features all newly written information by an expert on monitors and other large lizards (defined as those reaching over 3 feet in length) and it covers over 90 species, many very recently described . Lizard profiles range from the relatively affordable to the extremelyexpensive, and from those commonly kept as pets to those critically endangered and unobtainable. Species include iguanas (including green iguanas), rock iguanas, Galapagos Island iguanas, tegus, sail-finlizards, Gila monsters, beaded lizards, water dragons, monitors(including savannah, water, and Nile monitors plus Komodo dragons), and much more.

Giant Lizards provides complete coverage of essential care subjects like feeding, housing, breeding, and health care.

About the Author ROBERT GEORGE SPRACKLAND, Ph.D ., is a world-recognized authority on monitor lizards, having spent over 35 years studying them. Hehas served as a zoological consultant to BBC and the Discovery Channel. Dr. Robert is the author of the original edition of Giant Lizards and many other books.

335 pages, hardcover with dust jacket, 2.3 pounds, TFH Publications; 2nd edition (February 2009).

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