Pocket Professional GUIDE TO LIZARDS


AUTOGRAPHED BY THE AUTHOR , the Pocket Professional's Guide to Lizards is an essential directory to more than 300 lizard species , including readily available terrarium choices plus dozens of seldom seen and rare species that are of great interest to herpetologists, hobbyists, ecotourists, and travelers alike. Written by an acknowledged expert on lizards, each species account contains information on size, range, habitat, natural history, care, and suitability in captivity. Profiles are colour-coded and organized by native region , and feature discussion of how to find lizards in their habitat, making this an excellent book for outdoor-loving hobbyists and ecotourists. Full-color photos of species, subspecies, and color variants are complimented by informative sidebars. 400 pages, fully illustrated with colour photographs , softback. 2010, TFH Publications. ISBN-13: 9780793812769

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