Quotes Even tho' I say so myself, rarely has a man managed to travel farther than I....As a professional adventuress-interpreter traveling frequently with other journalists and travel writers, I envy those who can avail themselves of Mr. HG Wells' Time Machine to see all that has gone before! And to bring back such souvenirs! Kublai Khan himself would envy those who can own such treasures! Do Not hesitate to acquire your own Cabinet of Curiosities! Quotes
Desiree de St. Aubin
Professional Journalist & Adventuress

Quotes If anyone could obtain zoologically useful specimens of nearly the quality that I could myself obtain, it would be Onslow. I detest, however, that a man so well equipped for work in science has lowered himself as a common merchant. Quotes
Professor George Edward Challenger, FZS, (1870-1950)
Discoverer of The Lost World; Professor of Zoology

Quotes By God, man, this Onslow is a man after my own heart! Blazing paths where no man has ever been able to venture before to see what no man of our times can ever see. His specimens are truly unique, unbelievable, and not to be missed. Quotes
Captain Nemo (1836 - 1913)
Prince of Dakkar, India; Captain of submarine Nautilus

Quotes I am delighted to be part of the incredible venture devised by Prof. Onslow, especially in that the expeditions have given me an unprecedented and worthy use of my time machine. The power of steam and imagination are unstoppable! Quotes
Herbert George Wells (1866 - 1946)
Prolific Author of "The Time Machine" & "War of the Worlds"

Quotes Professor Onslow has put together a team of extraordinary gentlemen in order to provide science with otherwise unobtainable and valuable keys to studying natural history. I often ask myself, "Why didn't I think of this?" Quotes
Thomas Henry Huxley (1825 - 1895)
Professor of Zoology, London