Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are any animals harmed or killed in your acquisition of specimens?

A. ABSOLUTELY NOT! Professor Onslow has dedicated his life and career to understanding and protecting the animal life of our world, and would not harm any creature that was not first trying to harm him. This is why the specimens offered are themselves so unusual: bits of hair, claw, feather, and shed skin, for example.

Q. But some of your higher-priced items are bones of the rare animals. Are you sure that you are really going back in time? Are you really sure the species are dead?

A. We collect only from live or freshly dead specimens. It Ain't Dead 'Til We Say So!



  • "Even tho' I say so myself, rarely has a man managed to travel farther than I....As a professional adventuress-interpreter traveling frequently with other journalists and travel ..."
    Desiree de St. Aubin
    Professional Journalist & Adventuress
  • "If anyone could obtain zoologically useful specimens of nearly the quality that I could myself obtain, it would be Onslow. I detest, however, that a man so well equipped for wor..."
    Professor George Edward Challenger, FZS, (1870-1950)
    Discoverer of The Lost World; Professor of Zoology

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