Rhinoceros Iguana Shadowbox


Wooden 4" wide by 6" tall glass-fronted shadowbox with iguana model and a variety of related printed artifacts. As with all other products, this is a one-of-a-kind display.

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  • "Even tho' I say so myself, rarely has a man managed to travel farther than I....As a professional adventuress-interpreter traveling frequently with other journalists and travel ..."
    Desiree de St. Aubin
    Professional Journalist & Adventuress
  • "If anyone could obtain zoologically useful specimens of nearly the quality that I could myself obtain, it would be Onslow. I detest, however, that a man so well equipped for wor..."
    Professor George Edward Challenger, FZS, (1870-1950)
    Discoverer of The Lost World; Professor of Zoology

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